Friday, October 28, 2016

Give Raking Injuries the RICE Treatment to Avoid an Urgent Care Visit

Raking taxes your muscles to the extent of straining them. However, since it’s the fall season, you are inescapably faced with clearing autumn leaves. To escape injury and a visit to a Lacey urgent care clinic, rake with proper techniques.

When raking, an erect posture is essential. Stand up straight and move through your torso, hips and legs, instead of just twisting your back. Also, switch raking hands or sides to avoid straining just one side of your body. If right-handed, use your left hand periodically to balance the distribution of exertion.

Failing to rake properly may result in injuries from your neck down to your ankles. In case you do sustain an injury, you should know what to do to relieve the pain before going to a provider of urgent care in Lacey. One way to deal with an injury is to apply the RICE treatment: rest, ice, compress, and elevate. Read more from this blog:

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